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We   are   a   small   show/hobby   breeders   of   quality   toy   &   miniature      poodles.   We   breed   AKC registered   toy   and   miniature   poodles   from   champion   lines.   We   have   bred   poodles   since 1994.   Our   toy   poodles   come   in   silver,   white,   and   blue   colors,   and   our   miniature   poodles come   in   apricot   color.   Our   poodles   are   bred   from   genetically   tested   champions’   bloodlines. All    puppies    are    raised    in    our    home    and    are    bred    for    health,    sound    temperament, conformation, type, intelligence, and beauty, to excel both in the ring and at home. Puppies   are   vet   checked   including   up   to   date   shots.   They   are   also   micro-chipped,   groomed and AKC   registered.   We   breed   mainly   for   show,   but   not   all   puppies   are   qualified   to   show.   We have available healthy and beautiful pet poodles as well. We    carefully    breed    only    healthy    poodles    with    sound    temperament    by    testing    for    the following:   Optigen   prcd-PRA,   Patellar   Luxation,   Hip   &   Elbow   Dysplasia,   and   Legg-Calve- Perthes. We   require   a   contract   to   ensure   good   homes.   Please   visit   our   website   and   feel   free   to   write for information.